High Dose Vitamin C

I have created an ever growing  list of articles in the menu to the side of the page. I invite you to explore these articles and decide for yourself if high dose vitamin C is right for you.

I encourage you or anyone you know who has cancer or any chronic condition to consider learning more about Liposomal Vitamin C and high dose vitamin C in general.

Below is a dosage chart from the late and legendary Dr. Robert Cathcart MD,
who treated 9000+ patients with Vitamin C! This chart can be seen in context to creating your own vitamin c healing protocol at https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/high-dose-vitamin-c-protocol-for-cancer/

Scientists from USC and the IFOM Cancer Institute in Milan have found that a fasting-mimicking diet could be more effective at treating some types of cancer when combined with vitamin C. Read more

My Healing Community & Healing Cancer Study Support Group
I am also the creator of My Healing Community that includes further information about Vitamin C as an adjunct Cancer therapy.