Hi, I’m Abbey, and my own healing story (stage 4 breast cancer) can be found here, but I’m guessing you are here because you have some questions about high dose vitamin C and would like to learn more about it.

This website is not intended to give personal health advice, but rather allow easier access to the latest information available on forms of high dose vitamin C and how it influences the central nervous system, improved quality of life, cytotoxicity of cancer cells, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, immunity, collagen synthesis, reduction of pain, improved mental ability, energy generation and more.

My hope is that my high dose vitamin C website supports your learning and provides you with some valuable points to discuss with  your trusted health professional.

I’ll start by providing some links to basic vitamin C information as presented by the Natural Food Series

What is high dose vitamin C ?
…and what is not high dose vitamin C?


Why is taking high dose in the liposomal form so important?

You might like to begin your high dose vitamin C learning journey by watching  this quick highly informative video created by another very engaging liposomal vitamin C advocate, Dr. Charles Kwang. He titles his video “How much vitamin C to battle cancer tumor spread”. The video covers the basics you need to know about the bio availability of high dose vitamin C in its different forms.
The link to the video will open the video in a new window without closing this one.

Powdered and pill forms of vitamin C are not high dose vitamin C. The reason being that our digestive system will not allow high doses of ascorbic acid to enter our cells and do all the wonderful things vitamin C does at high levels. When  people take more than 2-4 grams of powdered or pill form vitamin C they reach bowel tollerance. This means they compromise their digestive activities and never get a high enough blood serum level to vitamin C to call it ‘high dose’ vitamin C.

Intravenous vitamin C (HD-IVC) is high dose vitamin C.
In Australia, HD-IVC is administered in integrative health clinics by doctors. You will usually need to pay for the whole series of treatments out of pocket. Both Medicare and private health insurance do not cover HD-IVC therapy.

A 30 gram HD-IVC treatment will take at about 90 minutes, a 60 gram HD-IVC treatment will take about 3 hours, both will require that you pay for a doctors appointment, the vitamin C serum, and the IV administration kit. Sometimes you will need to pay for the clinic’s nurse to supervise the treatment and/or for the time spent in clinic’s treatment room. These prices will vary from clinic to clinic.

Your current health situation or diagnosis will determine if your GP believes HD-IVC treatment is right for you at this time. If your GP is reccomending HD-IVC the next step is to decide if it suits your budget. Make sure to double check the total cost involved per session, how many sessions you will need and how often.

Another form of high dose vitamin C is called Liposomal or Lypospheric Vitamin C.
Liposomal Vitamin C is also known as Lypospheric Vitamin C; they are one and the same thing. I refer to it as Liposomal Vitamin C.

How is Lyposomal Vitamin C  different to Powdered Vitamin C and intravenous vitamin C?
Powdered and intravenous vitamin C (HD-IVC), are both water-soluble. Lyposomal vitamin C is made using water soluble ascorbic acid powder. The ascorbic acid powder is dissolved in pure water and this ascorbic acid water is then encapsulated it in essential phospholipids made from sunflower seeds. (that’s where the ‘lipo comes from in liposomal).

This encapsulation process makes the ascorbic acid change from a water soluble form to a unique fat soluble form that our cells can receive directly without digestion or intravenous needles. So, this new fat soluble form of vitamin C is able to be administered in high doses in the comfort of your home, without upsetting your digestive system.

Being fat soluble, the Lyposomal Vitamin C can pass directly into cells and start work without losing it’s potency. This action is what allows it to be considered a high dose vitamin C.

“My 5 week experience of HD-IVC for breast cancer taught me that using liposomal vitamin C whilst getting HD-IVC greatly reduced the energy crashes that happened following HD-IVC sessions. I began taking  Life Energy C , Liposomal vitamin C every four hours between HD-IVC therapy appointments to keep my vitamin c blood levels continuously high. This was effective in managing and stabilizing my energy. After 5 weeks of combining HD-IVC with Lyposomal I decided I had had enough of the HD-IVC. I have continued taking high doses of just the Life Energy C , Liposomal vitamin C each day”.         Abbey Mitchell 2018

Still interested in knowing more about Liposomal vitamin C?
This online article by Dr. Jockers explains Liposomal vitamin C in easy to read language in much more depth. Read it here

How do I take Life Energy C,  Lyposomal Vitamin C?
Life Energy C , Liposomal vitamin C can be taken neat.
One teaspoon of Life Energy C is equivalent to 1 gram of ascorbic acid.
One tablespoon of Life Energy C is equivalent to 4 grams of ascorbic acid.

Many people love the crazy taste however, not everyone enjoys it neat. Some people prefer to throw it back in a 1 or 2 shots of natural juice or water. Some even add it to a smoothie.

Why do we recommend that you do NOT eat or drink warm beverages for ten minutes after taking your liposomal vitamin C?
The warmth of the food or beverage could break down the sunflower lecithin liposomes. When the liposomes are broken down the vitamin C within the liposomes is released inside you. You only want this to happen after the liposomes containing the vitamin c have passed through the walls of your digestive track; allow at least ten minutes for this to happen.

What about the Ascorbic Acid damaging my teeth?
I have been taking the Liposomal vitamin C for almost a year and went for a check up a couple of weeks back and my dentist was amazed at how healthy my gums and my teeth were.  However, I did notice a slightly higher sensitivity on my teeth when he did the sensitivity tests. In response to this sensitivity my dentist told me to swish and spit out some  bi-carb mixed with water after each of my Liposomal vitamin C doses as a way of quickly neutralising any acid that could have come in contact with my teeth. I now have a bottle of pre-mixed bi-carb and water next to my vitamin C bottle ready to swish and spit.

How much to take?
A correct dosage is not something for me to recommend to you. I do recommend you speak to a trusted health professional who understands your healing goals.
Do not take high doses of vitamin C if you have excess iron levels.

Dr Jockers shares the following dosage recommendations within his online article titled the Remarkable Health Benefits of  Liposomal Vitamin C

Individuals with no major symptoms or diagnosis for good general health

1-2 grams daily is optimal – Take 1 gram, 1-2 x daily

* Note: 1 tspn of Life Energy C equals 1 gram, so you would need to take

1 teaspoon of Life Energy C, 1-2 x daily for good general health.


Extreme Athlete or Individual with Major Health Challenges:

4-6 grams is optimal – Take 2 grams  2-3 x daily

* Note: 1 tspn of Life Energy C equals 1 gram, so you would need to take

2 teaspoon of Life Energy C, 2-3 x daily for extreme athleticism or major health challenges.


Extreme Disease – Late Stage Infection, Cancer, Heart Disease, etc.

8-12 grams is optimal -Take 4 grams  2-3 x daily.

* Note: 1 tspn of Life Energy C equals 1 gram, so you would need to take

4 teaspoon of Life Energy C, 2-3 x daily for late stage infection, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Dr. Jockers goes onto say that “With liposomal vitamin C, I like to be aggressive so I would take the upper dosage and if you notice any complications (such as high or low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, cramping, diarrhea, etc.) try cutting down to the lower dosage and observe for any changes.

You can now place Life Energy C, Liposomal vitamin C orders online  and have them delivered free to the local area or posted via express post Australia wide.

Bulk Orders at Reduced Price
I enjoy the process of making Life Energy liposomal vitamin C for others, especially when I know they are using it therapeutically in high doses to assist their healing efforts.

To me, the ability to have high doses of vitamin C in the comfort of your home is the purpose of liposomal vitamin C.

If someone is using 1-2g each day, that’s fine but they could probably use a powder and get the same results.

Once you have tried Life Energy C, liposomal vitamin C, and decided that you want to do high doses for a period of 30 days or more, please  get in touch to inquire about ordering larger quantities of Life Energy Liposomal Vitamin C at reduced or even wholesale prices.

For example if your healing needs are 10g or more of actual vitamin C each day (50g of Liposomal) for 40 days or more, you qualify for the wholesale price.

Check out the many articles that may help you learn more about high dose vitamin C.

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